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Improve Yourself at Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology

Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology, which originated in the Fine Instrument Center(FIC) established by the government with the funding from UNESCO in 1966, has 52 years of history and tradition of technical education. Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology is also a specialized college re-established in 1999 to meet the demand for industrial engineers and to cultivate competitive technical talents with industrial development.

Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology has a middle and long-term development plan based on our VISION 2020 project, maintained the highest level of employment rate, and retained this employment rate through organic cooperation among all faculty, staff, students, and both Sihwa and Ansan Smart Hub resident companies. In addition, Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology has successfully pursued our development by being selected in the national technological project with industry-academy-research cooperation for the 7th consecutive year.

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is more important than ever to cultivate industrial manpower centered on industrial technology.

I hope that all of us can plan to transform and develop into a more innovative and creative college by responding to the rapidly changing social changes.

In order to create the most prestigious college as a specialized college with industry-academy cooperation and to enhance the college brand power, I want to establish an innovative development plan to improve the financial ability of the college, to reinforce the educational capacity, and to strengthen the international industry-academy cooperation network.

I will do my best to help the corporation between the college and businesses by developing new courses and cultivating the global talents.

I wish for your continued support and encouragement until Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology becomes the best college in industry-academy cooperation and a global leader of all-in-one education through this cooperation.

Thank you